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<p>The Button Story</p>
Product Code: PE003

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The Button Story is a beautifully-illustrated wordless big book that depicts the travels of a single red button after it falls off a little boy’s jacket. From the ocean to the Arctic, this button goes on quite a ride, until it ends up in the button sorting centre back in the classroom!

Benefits of wordless books:
• There are lots of benefits to reading wordless books! Literacy is not simply about decoding words, but also involves understanding subtext and the ability to make inferences, so learning how to ‘read’ stories beyond literal text is very important. Wordless books have to tell the story without text, so they are the perfect tool for enhancing reading comprehension.
1. Narrate the action: The first and maybe the most common approach to reading wordless books is to simply narrate the illustrations.
2. Ask questions: Questioning teaches your children that narrative clues lie outside of text.

• When answering your questions, children start to understand story elements like plot, character, conflict, theme and even symbolism. Questioning lays a foundation for when they are learning to write and create their own stories.

• Encourage child-led narration: - Get the child to tell you the story. Not only will this take the pressure off you, child-led narration exercises his/her imagination, oral language skills and encourages him/her to use new vocabulary.


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Product Code: PL025

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This book is a comprehensive resource full of practical activities and games for the under threes. As well as providing a wealth of activities for pre-school children this book maps out exactly how each activity relates to the child's development. An essential guide to the importance of play, each activity also links to one of the Early Learning Goals.

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<p>Early Years, Crossing Boundaries: 50 Years of Ambition for Young Children in Northern Ireland</p>
Product Code: EY022

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A detailed history of the formation and development of Early Years - the organisation for young children.

An in depth analysis of early years policy development 1965 to 2015.

A guide to organisational excellence for voluntary, community, statutory and independent sectors.

A must read for early years staff, managers, policy makers, policy and public affair specialists, community development activists, voluntary sector leaders, university and college lecturers,coaches and mentors, students and policy analysts.

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<p>Crafty Ideas - Special Days/Celebrations</p>
Product Code: PE020

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Fun craft activities for a wide range of special occasions.

• develop fine motor skills using readily available resources
• each activity supported by information about the day, instructions and suggestions for use and display
• special days covered include family days, peace and remembrance, multicultural celebrations, health and safety awareness, international fundraisers, environmental days and public holidays
• includes digital version

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Product Code: PE009

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Early Years Themes (Ages 3–5) is a series of comprehensive teacher resource books designed to support teachers as they impart skills, concepts and knowledge about commonly taught themes in early childhood classrooms.

• icons to enable teachers to locate activities quickly
• cross-curricular learning activities
• art and craft activities
• teacher background information
• resource sheets
• early literacy and numeracy activities
• age-appropriate, useful artwork
• display ideas
• suggested books, songs, rhymes, poems
• recipes
• curriculum links

Special Days and Celebrations looks at:
• Birthdays,
• Christmas,
• Easter,
• Mothers day,
• Fathers day,
• Valentines day,
• Eid-al Fitr/Diwali/Chinese New Year/Hanukkah

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