Early Years Volunteer Awards 2018
The Moyra Campbell Lifetime Achievement Award

The Moyra Campbell Lifetime Achievement Award

Early Years - the organisation for young children wants to recognise the commitment and valuable contribution of the volunteers working to make a difference in their local communities for children, parents, staff members and early years settings.

Volunteers can support your setting in a variety of ways including participation on your management committee, provision of support within the setting or help with fundraising.

Through the Early Years Volunteer Awards let’s acknowledge and value the work of our volunteers. This will give you an opportunity to recognise volunteers for their enthusiasm, commitment, passion and expertise and how they have made a real difference to the groups they work with.

Consider nominations and draft your supporting statement as to why you feel the nominee meets the criteria and should be put forward for a Volunteer Award. The criteria for winning an award are according to how the volunteer demonstrated:

  • A high level of personal commitment.
  • A positive contribution and difference to the children, parents, staff members of the setting and the local community.

The nominations will close on Friday 26 October 2018 and the presentation will take place at the Early Years Leadership and Management Conference on Friday 23 November 2018. The winning nominee and nominator will be offered a free conference place and invited to dinner and the presentation of the Award.

Please complete and return forms by Friday 26 October 2018 and send to webmaster@early-years.org

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