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"Alternative Infuences" to Observation and Documentation
Category: Curriculum Development

This 6 hour (1 day) Workshop is aims to enable the practitioner to observe and record children's involvement in their learning and to enable them to understand the process of documentation to make children's learning visible.  This course is suitable for experienced pre-school practitioners working with pre-school children.

Adult-Child Interactions
Category: Listening to Children

The way in which adults listen and talk to young children is key to providing a caring and effective learning environment.  Participants will explore and understand the importance of adult-child interaction on the early learning and development of the child.

This six hour course is intended for those who work with young children in an early years or day care setting and other settings for example youth clubs, girl guides etc and students.

An Introduction to Observation and Planning for Pre-School Provision
Category: Curriculum Development

This 12 hour introductory course (5 sessions) explores how pre-school children learn in a playgroup or pre-school room within an early years setting. It focuses on the importance of observations and how they link to curriculum planning for pre-school education. The course is suitable for new staff working with children aged 3 – 5 years old in a playgroup or preschool room within an early years setting.

This course is accredited by OCN NI Level 2, 2 Credits. Ideally you should already hold an NVQ2 early years or equivalent qualification.

An Introduction to the HighScope Approach
Category: HighScope

This one day (6 hours) course provides participants with the opportunity to be introduced to and explore the guiding principles which are central to the HighScope approach.

The course is designed for those working with young children in Day Care, Pre-School, Nursery School, Primary School, Sure Start and After School settings.

Behaviour Management Workshop►NEW►
Category: Listening to Children

 This introductory Workshop to Behaviour Management will provide participants with an understanding of the importance of promoting positive behaviour in young children and the role this plays in a child’s future development.  The presentation will outline a range of strategies that can be used daily to promote positive behaviour in the early years setting.

This course is suitable for all practitioners working with young children.

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