HighScope Observations

Toybox offers a broad range of HighScope initiated play activities. Through HighScope approach children gain an understanding of the world through interaction with people, materials and ideas. Learning is measured through children's actions and behaviours rather than their age. From birth children are supported to be active learners through weekly home visits by a project worker trained in the HighScope approach.

HighScope is evidence based and children develop abilities to problem solve, initiate their own tasks, and demonstrate self confidence and a positive self image. They also develop good attitudes and relationships with others. The HighScope Perry Pre school study aged 40 (2005) examined the lives of 123 African Americans who were born into poverty and were deemed at high risk of failing within education and found that the HighScope approach had reduced inequalities. Those individuals who received the HighScope learning approach at age 3-4 years had achieved higher earnings, better education and committed less crime than those individuals who did not.

Toybox recognise HighScope as a quality learning program for young children. It delivers positive outcomes to all children. The program can be transferred into the home of Traveller families by project workers who are able to create a rich learning environment for the family to build upon.

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