Service Delivery

The core services of Sure Start are:

  • Outreach and Home Visiting Services
    to make contact as early as possible in the child's life and draw families into using other services
  • Family Support and Parenting Information
    both group and home based
  • Good Quality Play, Learning and Child Care Experiences
    for children, both group and home based
  • Primary and Community Healthcare and Advice
  • Support for Children with Special Needs
    through signposting to more specialised services where necessary

Examples of specific services offered through projects include:

  • Home based ante natal care
  • Breastfeeding Support Groups
  • Advice, support and information on health related topics
  • Early Language Development Programmes
  • Play development for all ages and stages
  • Age appropriate physical development opportunities
  • High quality crèche sessions
  • Promotion of the creative arts
  • Support for smooth transitions between pre-school and school
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