Principles and Outcome Area

The Sure Start Programme is supported by a number of key principles:

  • To co-ordinate, streamline and add value to existing services for young children and their families in local communities.
  • To involve parents.
  • To avoid stigma.
  • To ensure lasting support.
  • To be sensitive to local families needs.
  • To promote the participation of all local families.

Services provided by projects must:

  • Add value to existing/planned services.
  • Be based upon evidence of what interventions are successful.
  • Imaginatively respond to local need.
  • Be informed by strategic direction.

Sure Start work is focused on six high level outcomes to ensure children are:

  • Being healthy.
  • Enjoying learning and achieving.
  • Living in safety and with stability.
  • Living in a society which respects their rights.
  • Experiencing economic and environmental well-being.
  • Contributing positively to community and society.
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