What is SureStart?

SureStart is a government led initiative aimed at giving every child the best possible start in life and which offers a broad range of services focusing on Family Health, Early Years Care and Education and Improved Well Being Programmes to children aged 4 and under.

At present Early Years employs over 80 staff in 7 projects across Northern Ireland. These include Splash, Clogher Valley, South Armagh, Dungannon, Rainbow, Blossom and Arke SureStarts.

Early Years play a key role in a number of the SureStart projects by:

  • Acting as employer
  • Providing Lead and / or Accountable Body services
  • Chairing meetings
  • Providing strategic direction to projects
  • Providing expert early years advice and support
  • Providing access to evidence based practice for practitioners
  • Ensuring high quality practice
  • Ensuring consistency across those projects where Early Years are involved
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