Welcome to Let’s Play and Learn Together Again

Background to Sesame Tree Series Two

Hi! Welcome to series two of the Sesame Tree outreach project. In series two we see the introduciton of two new characters, Archie and Claribelle and we welcome back our old friends Hilda and Potto. All four characters have new adventures and new experiences to share with you while still set in the context of real life for children in Northern Ireland.

Series one Lets Play and Learn Together was a success as evidenced by the promising research findings1 and the number of accolades the programme received e.g. the Cine Golden Eagle award for Best Children’s Programme in 2008. Both practitioners and parents valued it and children loved it. For this reason Hilda and Potto are back with all of their friends, including their new friends Archie and Claribelle. They all participate in answering a series of central questions based on educational and engaging topics.

Meet the Sesame Tree Characters Old and New


How to use these training resources

We recommend that practitioners navigate through this platform by moving from left to right on the menu bar as follows:

  • Areas of Learning: Start here by exploring how the episodes and activities link to the areas of learning within the Northern Ireland early years curriculum.
  • Using Activity Cards: Next, learn how through play, you can use the activity cards in your everyday practice.
  • Using the Episodes: Now you are ready to explore how to use the episodes from series one in your everyday practice.
  • Episodes/Activities: Finally this section contains the 20 activity cards and accompanying episodes. This will give you a range of suggestions to integrate the themes into your everyday practice.
  • Useful Links: The following useful links will complement and extend the learning from the Sesame Tree outreach materials.

1. Larkin, E., Connolly, P. & Kehoe, S. (2009) A cluster randomised controlled trial evaluation of the effects of the Sesame Tree schools outreach pack on young children’s attitudes and awareness (Report 3), Belfast: Centre for Effective Education, Queen’s University, Belfast.

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