Positive Parenting

  • Get Involved
    Getting involved in the committee of your child's playgroup can seem a bit daunting - how much time will you be expected to give, what if you make the wrong decision and what are you going to get out of it are common questions. Click here to read more >>
  • Term Time is Looming
    September is just around the corner and, whether your children are off to playgroup or off to school, there'll be lots to do to get them ready for the off. Follow our simple guidelines to make sure you don't forget a thing. Click here to read more >>
  • Learning Through Physical Play
    Children develop in a holistic manner. Physical development should be seen as being important in young children's development as intellectual development. Research has shown that physical activity in young children can enhance concentration, motivation, learning and well-being. Click here to read more >>
  • Maths through Play
    Play is the natural way in which children learn. It is the process through which children explore, investigate, recreate and come to understand their world. Play is an activity in which everything that a child knows and can do is practised or used to make sense of what is new. Click here to read more >>
  • Quality Childcare - Playgroups
    There's a huge range of childcare available these days - créches, playgroups, daycares and nursery classes, it can be overwhelming for new parents. When choosing a high quality early years setting you should be looking for the following aspects. Click here to read more >>
  • Care in the Sun
    Children have especially vulnerable skin which is more delicate and sensitive to UV damage than adults. More than half the skin damage caused by the sun occurs during childhood years and it is now a well documented fact that skin damage in early years can lead to skin cancer I later life. Click here to read more >>
  • Fun Food for Children
    Eating at home is often a source of conflict and frustration between parent and child. We know how annoying it is to prepare something specially for a child only to see it remain untouched on the plate. Click here to read more >>
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