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Top Tips for Running a Successful AGM - Best Practice Advice

Published on: 04/10/2019

It’s that time of year again when your setting is obliged to run its AGM (Annual General Meeting). These tips are
designed to help run a successful meeting which engages parents and creates a successful platform for the year

1. Read and follow your constitution to the letter. The constitution will give vital information which you must follow
when arranging the AGM.

2. Be prepared – there is quite a bit of preparation necessary and you should start planning ahead of time. Take
note of the notice period which you need to give members beforehand.

3. Send out a ‘Notice of AGM’ – this should clearly set out arrangements, such as date, time, venue, agenda, how
to submit a motion if applicable, etc.

4. In any communication with parents and members, stress how important the AGM is to the successful functioning
of the setting. Make sure you make the link to outcomes for children, eg “this meeting is not just about
electing a committee, it is about making this the best setting for your children.”

5. If you will be electing a committee, start to ‘feel out’ potential committee members beforehand, talk to them
about the role and how they could make a useful contribution.

6. Sort out all the practical arrangements well in advance, eg book a room, catering, prepare copies of paperwork
needed, etc.

7. Prepare an agenda which sets out clearly what is going to happen and who will lead each item on the agenda.

8. Think of ways to make the meeting more attractive, eg follow with a social or refreshments, a talk or input from
a speaker or a display of children’s work.

A full briefing note on AGMs is available from Early Years – the organisation for young children. You can ask your EYS
or email for more information.

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