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Leader in Early Years Education, Siobhan Fitzpatrick, receives Honorary Doctorate at Queen’s University Belfast

Published on: 04/07/2018

Siobhán Fitzpatrick CBE, Chief Executive of Early Years, will be presented with an honorary doctorate by Queen’s University Belfast for distinction in public service.

Early Years is the largest organisation in Northern Ireland working with and for young children and Siobhán has played a key leadership role in relation to early years’ provision in Northern Ireland for over 30 years.

Siobhán is the former European representative on the World Forum Foundation for early years care and education, currently chairs the International Working Group on Peace Building and is an Executive Member of the Early Childhood Peace Consortia which is led by UNICEF and Yale. She is the former President of the International Step by Step Association, an organisation which supports the development of early years services across Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Russia. She is currently leading a new project supporting the development of new models of early childhood development in China.

Siobhán Fitzpatrick said: “It has been a privilege to work in this sector for over three decades and there is always more to learn. I am very pleased to receive this honorary doctorate. I have worked closely with Queen’s University over many years and have benefitted from their tireless research and work on the subject of Shared Education.”

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