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Dr Ellen Hall

Published on: 08/03/2018

Early Years – the organisation for young children would like to express our condolences on the very sad news of the death of close colleague and friend Dr Ellen Hall, Executive Director of Boulder Journey School in Colorado.

Ellen founded Boulder Journey School, formerly known as Make A Mess and Make Believe, in 1984 and remained a constant presence at the school throughout her life. 

Ellen was a long-term and pivotal international advisory associate and passionate supporter of the work of Early Years – the organisation for young children to promote high quality, evidence-informed early childhood development services for young children, their families and communities as well as peacebuilding efforts at early childhood level, both domestically in Northern Ireland and internationally.

Ellen will be remembered for her passion, determination, and love for children and families, including her own.

Boulder Journey School is planning to celebrate Ellen’s extraordinary life in a public forum. In the meantime, they are inviting email memories and condolences to 

In Ellen’s own words, taken from the July/August 2009 issue of Exchange Magazine, 

“The joy and excitement of learning together is woven into the culture of Boulder Journey School and shared by all. The sounds of children experiencing, investigating, and communicating their learning with other children and adults are audible in the classrooms, hallways, theater, studio, reflection room, and outdoor spaces. Also audible are the sounds of adults thinking and learning — about children and about their own relationships with the world."

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