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Early Years NI Assembly Election Manifesto 2017

Published on: 01/02/2017

In advance of the snap Northern Ireland Assembly election called for Thursday 2 March 2017, Early Years – the organisation for young children has produced a manifesto outlining a number of the key issues regarding early childhood education and care in this region.  

Early Years appreciates the significant challenges faced by the Westminster and devolved administrations in the current economic and political climates.  However, Northern Ireland presently is a region without a finalised, agreed 2017-18 budget, Executive Childcare Strategy, Social Strategy, Investment Strategy, Economic Strategy or Children and Young People’s Strategy.  

We strongly contend that NOW is the key opportunity to seize upon opportunities to work and think differently and to maximise on evidence-based excellence and innovation through a clear focus on early care and education that progresses up through the educational, health and wellbeing, training and employability pathways. 
Such investments also have the potential to evidence significant return rate savings through the avoidance of remedial interventions having to be made in later life phases.

This is a vital opportunity for us to make our voices heard on the importance of the early childhood sector to young children, their families, their communities, wider society and the regional economy.  

Please feel free to make your local candidates aware of the issues contained in the manifesto to encourage them to press for action and MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN.  

The Early Years Manifesto can be accessed below:

Early Years Manifesto 2017

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