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Pathway funding for 2017/18 Update

Published on: 25/01/2017

The following statement is dependent on DE funding being made available for the 2017/18 period

Further to the recent statement released by Minister Weir whereby he “committed to keep the Pathway Fund in place at the same level of investment as 2016/17” and that “the Department will meet with Early Years to establish the arrangement for the Pathway Fund so that awards can be made from April 2017 onwards”. This meeting has now taken place and Early Years can confirm the following information about the Fund and the new arrangements for 2017/18.

The Pathway Fund will remain at approximately £3million in 2017/18 although a larger proportion of this than in 2016/17 will be available for distribution to applicants.

The fund will be administered over two streams:

Stream 1: Groups Funded during 2016/17 
Minister Weir stated “organisations who were awarded funding in 2016/17 will have the opportunity to avail of Pathway funding for a further year”. Over the coming weeks these groups will be invited to submit a Confirmation of Circumstances form – reflective of the project they provided during the funding period April 16 – March 17. An upper limit will apply on the level of funding awards and if seeking more than £30k, applicants will have to meet two additional criteria.

Stream 2: New Applicants.
A competitive funding application process will open early February to apply for the remaining Pathway funding. Applicants will be able to submit applications for funding up to £30k.

All applicants will have to demonstrate clearly their need for the funding requested.

Further detail will be circulated as soon as it becomes available.

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