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Testimonial from Wheelock College students

Published on: 26/04/2012

The program led by Dr. Diane Levin from Wheelock College and facilitated by Early Years, allows students from Boston the unique opportunity to experience the healing process that is currently underway in Northern Ireland. The successful seven year partnership assists participants in travelling to Belfast and studying the exemplary peace building efforts in early childhood settings, engaging in cultural activities and exploring the beautiful landscape of the North Antrim Coast.

Testimonial from Chelsey Valentine and students from Wheelock College 2012:

“Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of the Early Years organisation for our week in Northern Ireland.  We have just handed in our final reflections, which have allowed us to look back on what we have learned from you. For many of us who look forward to leading our own classrooms, we thank you for showing us methods of teaching diversity and acceptance with children. For others of us who are going into Social Services, you have taught us the impact of that process of rebuilding a community. We are inspired by how you are making a difference in individual lives of children but also how instrumental you are in the healing process of Belfast as a community. We are eternally grateful that you allowed us to share in your mission and look forward to continuing your teachings here in the States.”

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