Membership Prices

Please Note: This membership year will run from 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2017.

Individual Membership

An individual member is a person applying in their own right who is not already associated with an early years group, who subscribes to Early Years' values and Principles.

£32.00 incl. VAT (£ sterling)    €39.00 (€ Euro)

Organisational Membership

For an organisation which is not a direct childcare setting but which is involved in supporting or promoting high quality childcare and education services, and which subscribes to Early Years' values and principles.

£84.00 incl. VAT (£ sterling)    €100.00 (€ Euro)

Full Group Membership

Full Group membership covers any providers of group based early years care and education, who support Early Years' values and principles.

Parent and Toddler Group

A group of children under the age of 5 and their parent/carer. Parent and Toddler Groups usually last around two hours one morning per week and a small admission fee is usually charged. This service does not require Social Services registration.

£27.00 incl. VAT (£ sterling)    €33.00 (€ Euro)


For children aged between 3 and 5 years. These groups usually run for up to four hours per day.

£79.00 incl. VAT (£ sterling)    €94.00 (€ Euro)


Short term care to allow parents or carers some respite or leisure time. Normally children can stay in a crèche for one or two hours at a time. For example, leisure centre or gym crèches. Créches which operate for more than two hours on any one occasion must register with Social Services.

£79.00 incl. VAT (£ sterling)    €94.00 (€ Euro)

After-School Club

These clubs are generally used by parents or carers who are working or in training and need their children to be collected from school and cared for until later in the day. The club's activities can include art, craft, games, outings, rest time and homework.

£79.00 incl. VAT (£ sterling)    €94.00 (€ Euro)

2 Year Old Programme

Programme for Two Year Olds recognises the holistic nature of child development and learning through play. Children attend 3 x 2 hour sessions weekly and are offered a wide variety of enjoyable & challenging activities to independently explore and experience. Throughout the programme there is an emphasis on parents, community and staff working in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for the children.

£79.00 incl. VAT (£ sterling)    €94.00 (€ Euro)

Full Day Care

A Full Day Care service may be more commonly known as a Day Nursery. Sometimes it may also be referred to as a Crèche or Nursery. For the purposes of Early Years membership this service is known as Full Day Care. Usually, full time and part time care is provided. There will be seperate rooms and play activities for each age group of children from babies to pre-school children. Some of these settings will also offer a school collection service and out of school care for school age children.

£106.00 incl. VAT (£ sterling)    €127.00 (€ Euro)

Nursery School/Unit/Class

Approved providers of forrmal nursery education. May be stand-alone or managed as part of a primary school.

£79.00 incl. VAT (£ sterling)    €94.00 (€ Euro)

Foundation Stage (Year 1 or Year 2 Education)

For Primary Schools Year 1 or Year 2.

£79.00 incl. VAT (£ sterling)    €94.00 (€ Euro)

Multi Service Provider

A setting that offers more than one service under one roof e.g. a daycare that provides an after school service or a playgroup; Sure Start centre. Please note that each setting in a daycare chain must be registered individually.

£152.00 incl. VAT (£ sterling)    €181.00 (€ Euro)

Additional Services or Sites

Where a member wishes to register more than one service or premises which are under the same ownership, a 10% discount will be applied to each additional service. You must complete a seperate membership form for each service or premises, return the forms together and clearly state on each application form which other setting(s) or service(s) each membership application relates to. You can then apply the 10% discount to each additional setting.

NB. You must pay the full membership fee for one service or setting, the value of which shoule be greater than or equal to any additional settings being discounted.

Associate Group

Any group which involves the care and education of children, subscribe to the Objects and Values of Early Years and which employs an external independent Early Years Specialist (EYS).

£79.00 incl. VAT (£ sterling)

Student Membership

Student Membership is available to any individual who is undertaking a qualification which involves the care and education of children or young people and who subscribes to Early Years' values and principles.


Parental/Carer Membership

Parental/Carer Membership is available to all parents and carers.


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