HighScope Ireland Membership

"Active participatory learning will empower children and adults to develop their full potential and contribute meaningfully as citizens".

Guiding Principles of HighScope Ireland

  • Active, participatory learning in supportive environments
    is conducive to the growth and strengthening of open democratic societies.
  • There are universal principles
    that apply to the active learning and development of all children from birth through adulthood.
  • Consistent support and respect
    for personal decision-making strengthens the individual's personal effectiveness and social responsibility.
  • Children and adults learn best when they are engaged
    in planning, carrying out and reflecting on their experiences.
  • A variety of developmentally related active learning
    experiences contributes to the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of children and adults.
  • All children and adults are entitled to care and education
    practices that maximise their human potential.
  • A theoretical framework based on scientific research
    contributes to the development of effective education and social policies and programmes.
  • Working in partnership
    with children, parents, practitioners and policy makers empowers children and adults.
  • The HighScope approach is a means of combating
    social disadvantage and promoting social inclusion in the most disadvantaged communities of RoI and Northern Ireland.
  • Ongoing training, professional development and support
    promotes reflective practice and personal development.

HighScope Ireland Membership

Membership of HighScope Ireland entitles you to:

  • Access to a professional organisation with ongoing professional development opportunities
  • International links with HighScope institutes around the world
  • Networking, lobbying and influencing opportunities on an all-Ireland basis
  • Copies of the Early Years newsletter
  • Yearly updates on HighScope research and news
  • Special membership rates for HighScope publications, DVDs and training materials
  • Access to the exclusive member login area of our website
  • Access to our HighScope Accreditation scheme for playgroups and daycares

As a HighScope Ireland member you will also become a member of the anchor organisation, Early Years - the organisation for young children. Benefits include:

  • The opportunity for PEEP/ECCE groups to avail of our Early Years Specialist Support Service.
  • Preferential rates or discounts with a number of companies, including discount on banking transaction fees with Northern Bank (subject to availability; geographical restrictions may apply).
  • Access to friendly, practical and accessible information, advice and publications.
  • Full access to Early Years' Information and Resource Centre and a members' discount on publications, DVDs and training materials.
  • Opportunities to attend specialist training courses, delivered by experienced tutors, to develop skills in your setting and community. Training opportunities range from one-day events to year-long implementation courses.
  • Generous discounts and preferential booking for all Early Years-run events.
  • Opportunities to influence the future direction of Early Years and the early years sector by being eligible to vote at the annual Early Years conference and AGM.
  • Access to a strong lobbying organisation with the aim of influencing policy on behalf of young children and their families.
  • Receiving a copy of our annual report.
  • Copies of the Early Years newsletter throughout the year giving up to date information on developments in childcare practice and HighScope.
  • Access to support at a local level for our Branch network in Northern Ireland.
  • The option of having details of your setting made available to parents seeking childcare. This may include access via an online search.
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