What is HighScope ?

HighScope is a well-established approach to early childhood education and care which is underpinned by development and learning theory and by long term research over a forty year period. It is an approach that identifies and builds on children’s interests and abilities and is used internationally in variety of settings.

Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving
Adults supporting young children to resolve conflict and problem solve.
COR Advantage 1.5
COR Advantage 1.5 is HighScope’s most comprehensive research validated child assessment tool.
Growing Readers
A comprehensive set of detailed plans for promoting early literacy skills.
Infant and Toddler PQA
The Infant-Toddler Programme Quality Assessment (PQA)
Infant and Toddler Curriculum
An opportunity to explore the areas of the HighScope Curriculum for infants and toddlers.
Numbers Plus
A comprehensive set of detailed plans for extending mathematics learning throughout the programme day.
Bringing Active Learning Home
27 workshops to give parents an introduction to Active Learning
Preschool Curriculum
Explore the areas of the HighScope Curriculum for preschool children.
Preschool PQA
An assessment tool used to evaluate the quality of early childhood programmes and identify provider training needs.
Social and Emotional Development
Children’s Social and Emotional development is vital.
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