The Outcomes for children

HighScope provides children with:

  • A consistent and flexible daily routine which provides for child and adult initiated activities
  • Opportunities to choose, plan, carry out and reflect on their activities
  • Opportunities for children to engage in the active participatory learning process
  • Adults who value and appreciate children and provide a creative and supportive learning climate

HighScope programmes get results

Findings from the HighScope Perry Preschool Study found that using the HighScope curriculum had positive effects from the time the child attended the HighScope setting up until they were 40, including better school achievement and literacy, more likely to graduate from high school, adult earnings, home owenership and lifetime arrest rates. (Essentials of Active Learning in Preschool, HighScope Educational Research Foundation).

  • Children develop self-confidence, initiative, creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Children learn about social relationships, the world about them, maths, science and technology, reasoning and language
  • Children develop positive attitudes to self, others and to future learning

HighScope promotes family involvement by:

  • A partnership approach to the child's care and education
  • On-going exchange of information between the family and the setting
  • Curriculum-based workshops to support families to promote children's development at home
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