HighScope Ireland in Practice

What does a HighScope setting look like?

In a setting using the High/Scope curriculum you will see an environment which provides active participatory learning experiences through the use of:

  • Clearly defined interest areas such as painting, sand and water, home, books and blocks
  • Many natural, real and open-ended materials
  • Materials which are accessible to the children
  • Clearly labelled interest areas, shelves and storage containers which promotes the Find-Use-Return cycle

What happens during a HighScope session?

  • Children engage in enjoyable active participatory learning experiences throughout the session
  • Children plan their activities, carry them out and reflect on them
  • Children choose, use and return materials
  • Children solve problems and resolve conflicts with adult support
  • Opportunities for children to play alone and together in small and large groups
  • Adults use the Child Observation Record to observe, encourage and support children's development and learning
  • Children and adults play, talk and learn together as partners
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