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What is HighScope?

HighScope is a quality approach to early childhood care and education which has been shaped and developed by research and practice over a forty year period. It identifies and builds on children's strengths, interests and abilities.

The HighScope curriculum is used internationally in a variety of settings including day care, créches, playgroups, nursery and primary schools.

The central belief of the HighScope approach is that children construct their own learning by doing and being involved in working with materials, people and ideas.

Why choose HighScope?

HighScope provides practitioners and managers with:

HighScope is a well researched curriculum
A recognised and evidence based curriculum
HighScope validated observation tools
Validated observation tools - Child Child Observation Record Advantage Tool and Programme Quality Assessment (PQA)
HighScope is a flexible framework for learning
A flexible open framework for learning which can meet the needs of individual children
HighScope offers initial and on-going training
Opportunities for initial and on-going training and development
HighScope offers opportunity to achieve Accreditation award
Opportunity to achieve HighScope Ireland Accreditation award
HighScope provides a range of resource materials
A comprehensive range of publications, DVDs and resource materials


HighScope Ireland Institute

HighScope Ireland is based in Dublin and Fermanagh at Early Years - the organisation for young children. The Institute is one of several HighScope Institutes throughout the world. It is accountable to the HighScope Educational Research Foundation based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA.

Established in 1999, HighScope Ireland is a non profit-making body. It brings together representatives from the voluntary, statutory, independent and community sectors in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland who wish to enhance the quality of early childhood care and education through the HighScope approach. HighScope Ireland works to support children and adults through shared control in active learning situations.

HighScope Ireland Institute employs an Operations Manager, a HighScope Consultant and a team of HighScope Endorsed Trainers who provide a range of training and support which is responsive to local need throughout Ireland.

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