Action Planning for Improvement

The Education and Training Inspectorate will explore through an interactive session how pre-school settings may develop further the process of action planning for improvement. This session is informed by the use of the Inspection and Self-Evaluation Framework for Management Groups. It offers an opportunity for participants to consider the purpose of self-evaluation, identify ways to consult and engage, and to develop effective action plans for improvement and better outcomes for the children.

Facilitated by Elaine McAllister, Education and Training Inspectorate

Building Sustainable Management Committees

This workshop will focus on how voluntary and community groups build and sustain strong management committees. Research has shown that children do best in groups that have a strong and lasting connection to their local community. One vital part of this connection is parental and community representation on management committees. However we also know that this is not always straight forward. Settings sometimes struggle to recruit management committee members and even when they do retention of members can also be an issue. We will examine ways to recruit and retain management committee members.

Facilitated by Diarmuid Moore, Early Years – the organisation for young children

Management of Finances for Groups

Good financial management helps a group to plan and achieve its goals. The objective of this workshop is to help groups achieve an understanding of and control over their finances and establish good accounting practices. Whatever the size of your organisation, sound financial management is essential for sustainability. With a focus on Cashflows, Budgets and managing grants from application, implication and closing off this workshop will suit settings of all sizes and organisational structure.

Facilitated by Melissa Halvey, Early Years – the organisation for young children

Outcomes for Strategic Development

There is an increasing focus on outcomes; planning for them, measuring them, communicating them. For some this can feel like another, perhaps unwelcome, task on top of an already heavy workload, with strategic plans, operational plans, development plans, supervision and appraisals. In this session, we will look how to build outcomes into these processes; to enhance your service, build staff morale and generate buy in from stakeholders.

Facilitated by Meabh Poacher, Early Years - the organisation for young children

Supporting relationships in early years settings

This workshop will look at the characteristics of effective teams in Early Years Settings. It will highlight the importance of establishing a trusting and supportive climate for adults working together and will explore the open communication strategies at the centre of good working relationships and the supportive problem solving/conflict resolution strategies also contained within this open communication area. The workshop will also explore communication styles which can inhibit open communication in teams.

Facilitated by Elaine Sterritt, Early Years – the organisation for young children

Governance for Leadership and Outcomes: Having Real Conversations

An opportunity to explore the centrality of outcomes-focussed planning for settings in the cut and thrust of delivering effective and sustainable services for children and communities, with reflections on the recent Early Years GLO pilot project and the richness of having real conversations with leaders, managers, committees and parents.

Facilitated by Peter McKinney and Zoe Kernohan-Neely, Early Years the organisation for young children

Developing and Implementing a Shared Education Policy

This workshop will support Management Committees and Board of Governors in designing a policy and procedure that will support implementation of a Shared Education policy.

Facilitated by Audrey Rainey, Early Years – the organisation for young children

Data Management and GDPR for Early Years Settings

This session will focus on the new GDPR guidelines introduced in May 2018. The workshop will help your setting create policies and procedures that will ensure that you handle personal data effectively and that your setting is compliant with the new data protection legislation.

Facilitated by the Information Commissioner’s Office

Trustees – what are your legal liabilities and how can you manage your risk?

Workshop will highlight the legal liabilities and responsibilities of Trustees In a changing and evolving legal landscape the responsibilities of Trustees have been clarified and increased significantly and it is vital that Trustees appreciate and understand the breadth of their potentially onerous duties. The workshop will also provide a useful framework to enable Trustees to identify and evaluate risks and to enable Trustees to have a structured approach to “governance”. The workshop will also review “risk transfer” and provide an insight into critical insurance coverage.

Facilitated by Rosin McCarthy and Gary Ennis, who are senior members of the Lockton team in Belfast. Lockton has been associated with Early Years for over 20 years and the team manages the insurance scheme for EY members. Lockton are NI’s largest commercial insurance broker and Rosin and Gary bring a wealth of experience in working with clients to understand risk and the most appropriate way to manage exposures through insurance and risk management.

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