Committee Management

"Confidentiality, Loyalty & Commitment"

Early Years' work has always been underpinned by a strong community development ethos focused on helping communities to assess the need for, develop and manage their own Early Years setting.

The Community Development team aim to provide training and support to the Early Years sector, parents and communities, to build capacity by using the key principles and practices of community development.

Always Entwined
Committee Management - Always Entwined

As members of an early years management committee you are a community - a group of people with a shared interest. The interest you share in your early years setting gives you a community identity, but it does not make you all the same. You all have different needs, skills, experience, circumstances, hopes and aspirations. As you get more involved in the early years committee you will be part of a process which will help your community identity, articulate and meet the needs that affect their everyday lives.

  • Getting Started
    Within our Effective Management manual, we offer a guide to forming your management committee for your setting. Our Parent and Toddler good practice guide and Choosing Childcare Resource will enable you to obtain useful information on the difference between parent and toddler groups, nursery/daycare, playgroups, crèches and out of school care. Details also include what happens within each setting.
  • Effective Management
    As your advisors we will enable you to manage your setting effectively with a shared sense of purpose, providing direction and leadership to your staff and dealing with collective responsibility. Comprehensive descriptions on all roles within a committee will also be provided.
  • Policies & Legislations
    A good policy is only as good as the practice it produces. At Early Years we will help you prepare a policy for your setting, provide you with information and examples on what a policy should contain and inform you of all responsibilities when implementing your policy within a setting. The Early Years Policy and Procedure Guidelines document is available from the Early Years Bookstore >>
  • Models of Governance
    Early Years will help you identify what structure of governance your setting should employ and we will also sign post you in developing your own governing documents. If you are a member you can access template Governing documents including Constitution and Memorandums and Articles of Association on the exclusive Members' Area. To become a member please contact Liz Graham, Membership Officer on 082 9038 7904.
  • Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
    These are three key elements to the successful development of your childcare setting. We strongly recommend that it is good practice for all management committees to have effective structures in place to ensure that these procedures are implemented. Early years will provide you with the framework you need to do this.
  • Support, Supervision & Appraisal
    Is essential in the role to Good Governance Practice. Support and supervision ensures that employees and their managers have the opportunity to discuss any pertinent and challenging issues which they encounter. We will enable your committee to execute an operational system of support, supervision and appraisal.
  • The Pre-School Expansion Programme
    The Expansion programmes objective is to provide one years pre-school education to every child whose parents want to avail of it.
  • Why Volunteer
    Parents are respected and valued as the first educators for their children. Committee groups promote working in partnership with parents through participation and membership. Volunteering can improve your CV, build your confidence, introduce you to new friends and create more fun in your life. View Early Years Volunteer Award 2013 Winners on the Early Years Facebook page >>

"Our goal is to simplify what is required to help Management Committee's make decisions and then turn them into practical solutions for their childcare needs."

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