Playgroup Accreditation

Playgroup Accreditation supports the development of quality in playgroup settings. Engagement in the programme allows settings to examine their practice against benchmark standards covering 14 key aspects of Early Years Care and Educations.

Early Years staff assist groups through the accreditation process, which examines all aspects of service provision through the application of the Benchmark Standards gathered into 14 key aspects of Early Years Care and Education.

The Accreditation process:

  • Guides and support settings to improve outcomes
  • Encourages settings to be inclusive and reduce inequalities
  • Strengthens values and principles in settings
  • Promotes effective practice and its delivery in settings
  • Increases the capacity of settings to improve quality
  • Promotes integrated working within and among settings
  • Challenges and support key people in settings to lead quality improvement
  • Builds on settings' proven workforce development strategies
  • Supports settings through reflective practice and improvement processes
  • Supports settings to challenge their own values and to explore how they can become more inclusive
  • Provides practitioners with training on effective practice
  • Encourages settings to innovate and develop their own practice
  • Develops resources that focus on important practice issues and signposts settings to organizations and publications
  • Promotes new projects and new evidence of effective practice

Are you a group who looks for something that will give recognition for the hard work, dedication and commitment of all those involved?

If so, contact Ena Shaw at Early Years on +44 (0)28 9066 2825 for further information.

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