Access Europe

What is Access Europe?

The Access Europe project aims to assist Irish organisations in identifying and securing EU funding to support their projects and activities. Access Europe is a joint initiative of 13 Irish organisations and is co-funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies.

In order to carry out the project aims a number of activities will be carried out including:

Identification of EU funding opportunities

  • An up-to-date and easily accessible database of relevant EU funds.
  • Monthly email alerts about relevant EU calls for proposals.
  • Individual advice to registered organisations on relevant EU funds to target.

Assistance in applying for EU funding

  • Trainings on how to draft successful EU funding applications.
  • A specific fund available to registered organisations to assist them in applying for EU funding (eg identify project partners, hire external expertise to draft and review applications).
  • Individual support to review funding applications and identify relevant project partners.

Assistance in managing EU grants

  • Training on how to manage EU-funded projects.

Assistance in increasing impact and visibility at EU level

  • A specific fund is available to registered organisations to support developing their work at the EU level (eg attending European conferences and events, meeting with peers etc.).
  • Training on how EU institutions operate, meetings with EU policy and decision makers and study visits.

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