The Recruitment Process

Finding a Job Vacancy

Details of all job vacancies are available to download from the recruitment section. Application packs can also be requested by sending an A4 SAE to: Application Request, HR Department, Early Years, 6c Wildflower Way, Belfast BT12 6TA.

Applying for a Job

Before completing the application form, applicants are strongly advised to carefully consider the job description and personnel specification which outlines the criteria required for the post.

It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that the application form is fully and correctly completed and that all relevant information in support of their application is included.

Applicants are encouraged to submit an application form by email to Human Resources. However, hard copy applications are welcome and all applications will be treated equally, regardless of whether they are hard copy or emailed.

CVs will not be accepted as alternatives to the Early Years application form, and any CVs submitted will be discarded. Faxed copies of application forms will not be accepted.

If a disability precludes an applicant from completing the application form, the applicant should contact the HR department on 028 9038 7905 in order that an application form can be provided in an alternative format (eg Braille, audio, large print).

Equal Opportunities Monitoring

Early Years monitors applications for employment in line with legislation. When returning an application by post, the Equal Opportunities monitoring form must be sealed and returned in a separate envelope. If an applicant returns his/her application by email, the monitoring officer will separate the equal opportunities monitoring form from the application form prior to the shortlisting stage.

The monitoring information will not be available to those involved in the recruitment process.

Shortlisting Process

Once the closing date for a job vacancy has past, all applications will be anonymised and sent to the recruitment panel.

Shortlisting (ie determining who should be interviewed) is based on how well the information in the application form meets the selection criteria listed in the personnel specification. Whatever the outcome, applicants will be notified in writing by post.

If an applicant has received an interview, the invitation letter will outline information about the interview and the documentation that must be brought to the interview for internal verification checks.

During the Interviews

The interview is a two-way process in which the recruitment panel evaluates potential employees on their skills and experience. During the process, the interview panel hopes to determine whether or not candidates are suitable for the role.

The HR department aims to provide candidates with one week's notice of their interview details.

After the Interview

All candidates will be informed of the outcome of their interview by post. The HR department aims to do this within one week of the interview date.

Successful candidates will generally receive an offer of employment by telephone; this will then be followed up with a written letter of offer. The letter will include instructions and documentation required for internal verification checks. The candidate will be required to bring this documentation to one of the Early Years offices.


Candidates who are not successful at shortlisting or at interview stage have the opportunity to receive written feedback from their application or interview should they request it; requests for feedback must be in writing.

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