Complaints Policy

Early Years is committed to providing members with the highest levels of service. However we are aware that from time to time members may be unhappy with the service provided. To deal with this we have the following Complaints Policy.

We believe that complaints can help us see where our services or procedures might be improved, even if you feel that your concern does not amount to a 'complaint' we still want to know about it.

Formal and Informal Complaints

Complaints will be classified as informal or formal.

  • An informal complaint is defined as one received verbally, and should be made to the person who dealt with the matter you are concerned about as they are most likely to be able to respond quickly and to put things right. You may also speak to their line manager. We will make a record of your concern and agree with you the best way and time to get back to you.
  • A formal complaint is defined primarily as one received in writing and is usually only made as a last resort, when you feel that an informal complaint has not addressed your needs. Members who wish to make a formal complaint should set out the details in writing to the CEO of Early Years. Please note; in putting your complaint in writing it will help us if you can include as much detail as possible. For example, include dates, times, names of people involved together with anything you consider to be relevant. A formal complaint should be signed and dated by you.

The CEO will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within five working days. The investigation of the complaint should be completed within 28 calendar days of the written complaint being received unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Type of Complaints

Generally complaints received by Early Years fall into one of three categories:

A complaint from a member about a service or lack of service
e.g. lack of training in an area, rise in insurance rates, non-receipt of mail, lack of advisory visits.

A complaint from a member about an Early Years employee.

A complaint from a parent about the quality of service in a member group.
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